The important accessories of women's wardrobe

Published: 03rd April 2006
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A woman is known for her elegant beauty style and royalty whether she is simple or grand in any combination of dresses together with her wardrobe utilities.

The most common of every women's accessories are


2.Scented Tissue Paper or Handkerchief


4.Nail Polish of Various colors

5.Makeup Set

6.Facial tools.

7.Waxing tools


9.Dresses in the form of pants and shirt,long and short skirts,sarees,party wear dresses, Suites for Business Conferences.

10.Earrings of daily wear diamond or gold or fancy ear rings too.

11.necklace for occassions,chockers of mild colors for daily wear

12.bangles for auspicious occassions in diamond ,gold and other precious stones

13.Bracelets for left hand in diamond or gold according to functions

14.hanging earrings called drops in diamond or gold or jimiki in diamond

15.finger rings of various types if interested finger ring in diamond or gold

13.assorted combination of eye lashes,kajal,lipsticks,rooj


A woman is said to be perfect and complete if she dresses herself well. It gives lots of moral satisfaction for her and also pleases others. She has to dress in such a way that she commands respect from this whole world. Thats the hallmark and beauty of rich traditional dressing with modern mix of new form of dresses being worn mostly by women of present generation across the world.

Ancient women's wardrobe wear filled with sarees in indian culture of different yards,and westerners wore skirts,pants right from 19th century and even before that.

Slowly when women from india came forward to study and come up in life, they felt they were comfortable in pants ,skirts,apart from salwar and sarees and wanted to include them as another important piece of item to be made available apart from routine dresses.

Hence i conclude by saying that the wardrobe of every woman is a rich treasure,in terms of generosity and valuable maintenance.

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