sowmya ramani

name The author has done her masters in computer applications and writes many articles for social welfare.The author is very diplomatic,noble and highly creative with high level of commitment towards work with best quality.

Inspite of not having a Management Qualification of her own ,she has lots of concern and passion for business organizations in terms of their product analysis,quality focus, stratergic planning issues wealth management, investment related issues,diversification of business chambers ,etc.

she developed the art of writing and has started contributing in the field of management ,by thinking well and reading a lot of business related magazines.

Apart from reading ,writing,she is a very sincere hardworking personality and loves simplicity. She focuses and appreciates knowledge based networks and gives respect for talented and hardworking proactive people.

She never encourages artificial praises and doesn't believe in LUCK.She BELIEVES IN quality and total committment to work.She never likes people wasting time.

She is versatile in many other areas,some of those include singing,playing veena,drawing pictures on computer and with pencil,mehendi designing,pot painting etc.

she believes in god,but always for her duty in the form of work is worship and parents first all next.

how important is education to every individual?

17th November 2006
Education is very very important for every individual whether he is rich or poor and it is the foundation for a person to shape and mould into a better person. Education gives self confidence for an individual. Education moulds the character for a per... Read >

The format of advertisement to appear in media like newspapers , other forms for recruitmentservices

16th June 2006
The human resource department is the most functional and operational department which is considered to deal with manpower recruitment focusing in such a way that it fits candidates in right positions in best companies across the globe and gives candidates... Read >

Automobiles-The four wheeler industry

13th April 2006
Automobiles is an important item which is the basic means of public transport,rather to say it has its heavy vehicle concentration in the form of Buses,vans,trains, aircraft,ships too to some extend which are used for commuting from one destination to ano... Read >

The important accessories of women's wardrobe

03rd April 2006
A woman is known for her elegant beauty style and royalty whether she is simple or grand in any combination of dresses together with her wardrobe utilities. The most common of every women's accessories are 1.Handbag 2.Scented Tissue Paper or Handkerchi... Read >

The relationship between Management and applied mathematics

02nd April 2006
A good management is referred to as the art of proper decision making by means of collective efforts of various departments of the organisation namely materials, quality, research and developement, production,marketing,corporate planning ,etc. We have a ... Read >

What is common to all sectors of International Business ?-Design

01st April 2006
Quality Inspection &Commitment For Innovative Design -Yes, The concept of Design with lots of innovative, creative new and updated ideas with blend of old and new ideas, mix of east and west trends is common in all sectors of business.The areas where ... Read >

How important is bhindi for any woman who in the habit of wearing it regularly?

01st April 2006
I discovered an important item while I was standing for my return bus towards adayar from luz in mylapore at chennai where in I was observing the bhindis displayed in various shapes and sizes with different color combinations, designs, patterns ,etc. In... Read >

Procedure for export of goods

22nd March 2006
When we decide to enter the export market we will have to do the following so that  we are in a position to export products without much difficulty. 1. We must open a current account in any one of the scheduled banks which deals in foreign exchange. ... Read >

marine insurance perils

11th March 2006
Risks covered by marine insurance are generally determined by an agreement between the parties concerned. In general, the marine insurance covers the following risks. (a) Perils of the sea- It includes out-of the ordinary wind and wave action, strandi... Read >

Documents to be submitted for export clearance

09th March 2006
Export Procedure-The exporters are required to file a shipping bill in the prescribed form in the office of the Customs House. Every exporter has to do this as per the Indian Customs Act. The bill has to be in quadruplicate. Before filing a shipping... Read >

Cultural factors affecting international marketing

09th March 2006
World markets can also be classified on the basis of the following:1.Population- When the population is higher, the bigger is the market. However, it is necessary to look into the following.(a) Age groups and Sex- Different age groups of people, their ta... Read >

factors affecting export pricing in international marketing

06th March 2006
The important Factors affecting International Export Pricing Policy Decisions areCost of Production. -Mainly refers to the Investment Cost for Production which must Usually be Planned Well in Advance using Forecasting Methods during Planning Issues before... Read >